5 Things to Know Before Buying a Carpet Cleaner | Complete Guide

A carpet cleaner is very important for a household and is the easiest carpet cleaning solution for a homeowner. So it is as necessary as it is expensive.

Before buying a carpet cleaner, you need to look at several things so that you can choose the right choice of carpet cleaner.

So that you can get your work done properly in the future with a carpet cleaner. In this comment, I will discuss 5 things to know before buying a carpet cleaner machine.

Know About The Types of Carpet Cleaners.

The first thing to note when purchasing a carpet cleaner is the type of carpet cleaner you need to know.

Generally, three types of carpet cleaners are available in the market: an upright carpet cleaner, a canister, and a hand-held one.

In general, upright carpet cleaners work very well for cleaning large floors and tough stains; for example, if you have pets at home, their fur and old tough stains can easily be cleaned with an upright carpet cleaner.

Again, suppose you plan to clean your furniture or upholstery along with the floor. In that case, you need to purchase a canister carpet cleaner to clean your upholstery and the carpet on the floor. 

If you need to get the job done very quickly or clean tough old stains, you should use hand-held vacuum cleaners.

With that in mind, you need to consider which carpet cleaning will suit your home and which one you should purchase.

Features to Consider

A carpet cleaner is made with different features. So each carpet cleaner has its unique features. You have to choose what kind of features you need a carpet cleaner for or what you will be using it for

1. Cleaning power

The power of the carpet cleaner is determined by its motor and suction power. So if a good motor is attached, the suction power of that carpet cleaner is good. You need to ensure that the motor of the carpet cleaner you buy is strong.

2. Water tank capacity

The water tank is an important subject in a carpet cleaner because the size of the water tank will determine how long you can clean and its effectiveness. So it is important to keep an eye on water tank activities.

3. Cord length

If your home floor carpets are very large, you must pay attention to the cord of the carpet cleaner when purchasing the carpet cleaner. Because the longer the cord length, the farther you can move your carpet cleaner.

4. Attachments

Carpet Cleaner comes with various attachments, such as one for cleaning tough stains and one for cleaning pet dirt.

Different carpet cleaners come with different attachments, so you must choose the type of attachment you need to purchase the carpet cleaner.

5. Heat

Some carpet cleaners are equipped with heaters that generate a small amount of heat while cleaning, making stubborn stains and dirt easier to clean. It is important that you take care of this matter as well.

Learn more about the various causes of vacuum cleaner motor overheating and their solutions.

6. Weight

Before buying a carpet cleaner, be aware of its weight. Because there are many things to consider.

One of them is if you have stairs in your home or if you need to move the carpet cleaner up or down. In that case, it is important to keep in mind that it must be lightweight.

Cleaning Solutions

There are different types of cleaning liquid solutions used during carpet cleaning work. Many carpet cleaning companies offer solutions with their own brands of carpet cleaners. 

Again, with many carpet cleaners having to purchase separate solutions, you need to choose the right cleaning solution to maintain the color and durability of your carpet. Some carpet cleaners use hot water instead of using any solution.


Since the carpet cleaner is an electric appliance, there are certain maintenance points that must be followed and taken into consideration.

If you can easily do the job yourself in the future. Let’s know some maintenance tips.

carpet cleaner Maintenance
carpet cleaner Maintenance

Changing filters: It is important that the filters of some carpet cleaners need to be cleaned regularly, or the suction power will not work properly.

Cleaning the water tank: The water tank must be cleaned after use. Otherwise, bacteria and dirt can build up in the water.

Cleaning the machine: Some carpet cleaners require daily cleaning of the machinery to maintain proper performance


5 things to know before buying a carpet cleaner. It is the most important of them. There are different types and prices of carpet cleaners available in the market, usually starting from $150 to $1500, depending on the performance and size.

Should You Rent a Carpet Cleaner or Buy One?

A carpet cleaner is a necessity in every home, so it is best to buy and use the appliance yourself instead of hiring it every day.

Because you can buy a new carpet cleaner for the cost of two to three carpet cleanings, you can clean carpets at your own time and convenience if you do the job. So I would suggest buying a carpet cleaner instead of hiring a carpet cleaner. 

By following these points properly, you can buy a good carpet cleaner as per your needs. However, you also need to know more about the special benefits of carpet cleaning and why it is important for you. Learn more here.

Final note 

A carpet cleaner is a very valuable appliance for a household, and you cannot buy a carpet cleaner on the spur of the moment as it is expensive to buy. So before buying, you must check each and every aspect based on your needs and preferences. 

I have tried to discuss all 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Carpet Cleaner; I hope you get the information you need from here.


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