Carpet Cleaner not Dispensing Water | How to Fix this Problem?

Have you faced the problem of carpet cleaners not spraying water properly while cleaning the carpet? It may be that, after working all week, you took a day off to clean your house. And then saw that your carpet cleaner not dispensing water properly.

This would be really frustrating. This problem happens to many of us. Such a problem is enough to ruin your whole day’s work routine, and we don’t even know what to do at that time.

You can easily fix this problem yourself if you want and get back to your clean work. There will even be no need to take your carpet cleaner outside to fix it.

I will help you know the ways how to solve this problem with your carpet cleaner.

What to Do if the Carpet Cleaner Does Not Dispense Water?

In this section, we will discuss why or what to do when the carpet cleaner stops draining. I will discuss the points separately to make it easier for you to understand. Let’s get started.

1. Check the water tank.

First of all, the reason for our mistake that the water does not come out of the carpet cleaner is that the water tank of the carpet cleaner is empty or the water tank is low.

Before starting carpet cleaning, we should check whether there is enough water in the tank of carpet cleaner.

If it happens that you are cleaning a large area and suddenly run out of water in the middle and you do not notice it, thinking that your carpet cleaner is not working properly, then your first duty is to check the carpet cleaner tank properly. If there is no water, then refill and start cleaning again.

2. Check the tank connection

If the carpet cleaner is not properly connected to the water tank, the carpet cleaner will not be able to Dispensing water.

Because when the connection between your water tank and carpet cleaner is not correct or loose, the tank will not be able to draw the carpet cleaner from the water, and the carpet cleaner will fail to spray water.

Check the tank connection
Check the tank connection

To get rid of this problem, first, turn off the carpet and check whether the water tank is properly connected to the carpet cleaner.

If not, make sure it is connected properly. Use strong glue in this case if necessary. Wait for some time and restart the carpet cleaner and start cleaning.

3. Check if Air is Trapped

There is a connection point between the carpet cleaner and the water tank. Sometimes air can accumulate inside this connection pipe, and if the air accumulates, the suction power of the carpet cleaner will not work, and it will be unable to draw water.

In that case, it will not be possible to spray any kind of water from the carpet cleaner. The solution, in this case, is to disconnect the water tank and the carpet cleaner so that if there is air trapped inside, it will come out. Next, reconnect the carpet cleaner and water tank and turn on your appliance.

4. Trigger replacement

Carpet cleaners have a trigger that helps spray water. This is important to check if the trigger is broken for some reason and the carpet cleaner fails to release water. If damaged, you will need to replace the trigger.

5. Clean the spray holes

Carpet cleaner spray holes can become clogged over time. With water, there are various kinds of minerals and dirt that accumulate at the mouth of the hole during spraying and slowly close the holes, and then no more water is sprayed.

In this case, the holes should be cleaned by scrubbing them with a hard brush. Although the work is time-consuming but once cleaned, it will work for many days.

For this reason, many carpet cleaners cannot spray water properly. It is the duty to clean these spray holes every few days.

6. Unblock the filter

A dirty or clogged filter can restrict water flow and prevent your carpet cleaner from spraying properly. Consult the user manual for instructions on how to locate and clean the filter.

If it is damaged, this filter must be replaced with a new one.

7. Replace damaged tanks

If the water tank in your carpet cleaner is cracked, leaking, or otherwise damaged for any reason, the water tank will no longer hold water.

As a result, your carpet cleaner will not get enough water to spray the water. In this case, as a solution, you have to stop the carpet cleaner.

Next, check the water tank very carefully. If you notice any such cracks or leaks, you can use good glue to repair it. If repair is not possible, replace.

8. Change the belt

Some carpet cleaners use belts to transfer power from the motor to the spray function. If this belt breaks or wears out, it can stop the spray function from working.

In this case, talk to customer support to get the correct information. Otherwise, replace it. Because if this belt is used properly, the problem will return again. Learn how to replace a carpet cleaner belt.

Last Few Words

I am almost to the last part. Carpet cleaner not dispensing water, if this happens to you and you are willing to know the cause of this problem and the solution. Then this blog can be a complete solution for you.

I have tried throughout the blog to present all the problems and solutions in simple and clear language. After that, if there is any kind of doubt, let me know in the comment box.

And if that still doesn’t work, be sure to contact your product’s customer service. I want every home across America to be a healthy place to live.

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