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A vacuum cleaner is a useful electronic device in the home. The use of vacuum cleaners can be used to clean the contaminated garbage in the household very quickly.

As a result, it can be seen that time and labor is much less. Home decorations, furniture, chairs, tables, and floors are easily cleaned by vacuum cleaners.

Then, it can be seen after cleaning all the household dirt with a vacuum cleaner. The smell of the vacuum cleaner is overwhelming. 

Now, the question may come to everyone’s mind: How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner That Smells?

If you stay with me in the end, I will give you the solution so that it will be of great benefit to you.

Why Does My Vacuum Cleaner Smell Bad?

If the vacuum cleaner is not cleaned properly, then it emits an unpleasant smell. Due to special reasons, a bad smell starts coming out of the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners emit many types of odors, such as pet hair and dander, belts and brushes, filters and modules, excess dust, dirty filters or bags, etc. Due to all these reasons, a lot of bad smells come from the vacuum cleaner. 

An explanation is given as to why these smell bad.

1. Dirty filter or bag

When the cleaning is done by the vacuum cleaner, its bag or filter should be cleaned immediately. If not, you will find that the dust clogs the ducts starts rotting inside, and creates a bad smell.

So, to solve this problem, you should install the filter or bag according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

2. Pet hair and dander

If there are pets in the house, their hair and dander are definitely on the floor. They are cleaned by a vacuum cleaner. Later, these can get stuck in the vacuum cleaner and later start to emit a very foul smell.

So, if you want to get rid of this smell, then clean the vacuum immediately.

3. Belt and brush

Your vacuum requires the help of a belt to move the brush. The belt is made of thick rubber. The belt gets very hot while operating the vacuum, which emits a lot of bad smell. And many times, the brush starts to smell because it is not cleaned.

So you have to see that the belt and brush do not accumulate dirt. Only then can you avoid the bad smell.

4. Excessive Dust

A lot of dust gets stuck in the vacuum when the house is cleaned by vacuuming. Later, it is seen that the stuck dust particles rot and cause a bad smell.

Because these themselves create unpleasant odors

So you have to take care that excess dust does not accumulate in the vacuum. Only then can you get rid of its bad smell.

How Do I Get Rid of the Smell in My Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum is a device for cleaning dirt and dust. Through which the smelly dirt of the house is cleaned very easily. But now it can be seen that the vacuum gets a very bad smell due to keeping it unclean. 

Which creates a very bad smell. Because the smelly bag is not kept clean, the dirt rots inside and creates a bad smell.

So How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner That Smells? Below is the explanation so that you can solve the problem.

1. Empty the dust bag or bin

The dust bag should be kept empty after vacuum cleaning. If the dirt accumulates in the dust bag, it may rot and smell later. So, while vacuuming, you should clean the dirt with a new bag.

2. Clean or replace the filters.

Filters are used in vacuums to trap small dust and harmful substances, which look exactly like a container.

If the harmful substances are stuck in the filter, then they are contaminated, and the smell starts coming out from there.

Therefore, before vacuuming, we should clean the filter and vacuum it. Only then will you get rid of the bad smell easily?

3. Check the brushes

A brush is a vacuum cleaner. Through which dirt and hair dust are cleaned. So you should clean the brush every few days.

Because the dirt can get stuck in the brush, and the smell can come out. So, how to clean the brush is said below.

First, remove the brush from the vacuum. And be careful not to cut the bristles of the brush. After that, clean the brush with warm Water.

You can use soap or bleaching powder while cleaning. Let the last brush dry in the sun. Then, you can remove the bad smell from the brush very easily.

4. Ventilate the vacuum

After vacuum cleaning, keep it in good air for a few hours so that the bad smell can come out very quickly.

What to Put in a Vacuum To Smell Better?

Even after vacuuming the dirt, the smell remains. One of the reasons is not cleaning the vacuum properly. After cleaning, it is also seen that the vacuum smells bad, which is very unpleasant. 

What to put in the vacuum to smell better? They are identified below.

1. Use baking soda

After vacuuming, you can see that the smell starts coming out of your cleaner. So before vacuuming, add some baking soda to the dust bag. So that later, the smell cannot be removed from the dust bag.

2. Use essential oils

Suppose using scented oil in the dust bag of the cleaner while vacuuming. Then, after cleaning, your vacuum will not have any bad smell.

Commonly, there are some essential oils such as lavender, citrus, eucalyptus, or peppermint.

3. Use cinnamon

Instead of essential oil, you can also use cinnamon, which keeps the cleaner very fresh and fragrant. Cinnamon has the power to remove bad smells from your hair.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Baking Soda Help Vacuum?

Dust, dirt, and pet hair are cleaned by vacuuming. But everyone hears that the vacuum smells bad after using it.

Does baking soda help vacuum? Of course, I will say that baking soda helps when vacuuming.

The other reason is that dust velocity does not have a bad smell; it is easily cleaned. Using baking soda prevents odors inside the vacuum. So baking soda helps a lot in vacuuming.

How Do You sanitize a vacuum cleaner?

Sterilization of a vacuum cleaner usually requires several considerations. Remove the vacuum flag before sterilizing. Now, what can be done to sterilize the vacuum is discussed below.

To sterilize the vacuum, you need to clean the vacuum bag, filter, belt, brush, and other parts. Only then can your vacuum be properly sterilized.

Is It OK to Vacuum Water?

I won’t say Water should not be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. One of the main reasons is that the vacuum cleaner is an electronic device.

Water can cause the vacuum to malfunction. Generally, a vacuum is used to clean dry dirt and dust particles; it is not possible to clean water through it.

Last Few Words

The vacuum cleaner is used to clean our house. If that vacuum is unclean or smells from it, it is really sad for us.

So, I tried to help you on the whole blog How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner That Smells.

With these simple steps, you can make sure that your vacuum cleaner is in the best, leaving your house clean and fresh.

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