Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance for Heavy-Duty Cleaning

A vacuum cleaner is an essential appliance for a household. Because it plays a big role in maintaining the environment and cleanliness of our home. This is why you need to know proper vacuum cleaner maintenance.

Moreover, because it is expensive, you cannot buy a new one easily, so you have to observe some precautions in using the device and know about its use. 

There are some points you need to remember to use the machine safely so that your vacuum cleaner will last for a long time.

Point-Wise Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

1. Change your vacuum belt.

A vacuum cleaner belt plays a very important role in keeping your vacuum cleaner looking new and making cleaning easier. Almost every vacuum cleaners need to have their belts changed occasionally.

If you vacuum once weekly or every 15 days, you should change the vacuum cleaner’s belt every six months or a year.

But if you vacuum your floor daily, you will need to change the vacuum belt every few months, And you need to buy a vacuum cleaner belt. You can get it at your nearest vacuum cleaner store or buy it online.

2. Clean your vacuum roller brush.

It is a good idea to check the vacuum cleaner’s brush roll every few days because, in many cases, your brush roll will accumulate various types of dirty hair and fur.

As a result, it is not possible to clean your floor properly, and there is a possibility that your vacuum cleaner will become useless later on.

So checking the brush roll is very important. There are some good ways to clean brush rolls. If you want, you can clean the roll without opening it with your hands or remove small parts of dirt with scissors.

But if you want to clean it more deeply, remove the cover that covers the vacuum cleaner brush roll, slide out the brush roll from both sides, and clean it thoroughly. 

The dirt does not build up but gets wet from soap and water. To prevent this dampness, wipe it off with a clean, soft cloth or wash it with soap and water.

3. Replace the vacuum bag when full.

A very important thing when using a vacuum cleaner is to be aware of the vacuum cleaner bag. Many people think that vacuum cleaner bags do not need to be cleaned daily. It needs to be cleaned when it gets full of dirt. Experts say replacing a bag when two-thirds of it is full is important.

After all, when you have one full, even if you vacuum, the vacuum cleaner won’t be able to pick up dirt from your floor because its suction power won’t work as well as it used to. Old dirt will return to your floor.

There are some signs by which you will know that your vacuum bag needs to be replaced or is full. When you go to vacuum, you will see new dirt appearing in some places in the house that was not there before.

Because your vacuum cleaner’s old dirt is coming back due to lack of space. Your vacuum cleaner’s cleaning power will slowly decrease and be as efficient as before. Will not be

4. Keep vacuum filters clean.

It is very important to keep the vacuum cleaner’s filter clean because there are many types of vacuum cleaners in the market that are bagless, and these vacuum cleaners clean the dirt with the help of a filter.

Because of this, you will need to clean the filter daily. The vacuum cleaner’s suction will not work properly When the filter is not cleaned properly, it will not be able to clean the dirt properly.

5. Store your vacuum in a cool place.

A vacuum cleaner is an essential appliance in a home. You probably don’t want such an expensive and useful device damaged due to lack of care.

Vacuum cleaner storage is a very important part of vacuum cleaner maintenance because you shouldn’t keep an electric appliance in a wet place. 

Storing electrical components in wet places can easily damage them, as liquid leakage or steam build-up can damage your vacuum cleaner’s motor.

Again, do not store vacuum cleaners in dry areas. so that the vacuum belt is damaged. Room temperature is best for vacuum cleaners.

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6. Keep track of your vacuum’s performance.

Always keep an eye on the performance of the vacuum cleaner while cleaning. Because small errors can often ruin your vacuum, always watch a performance. 

For example, whether the suction is working correctly, whether the airflow is correct, whether there is any burning smell, or whether the dirt is being cleaned properly.

A vacuum should be used with these problems in mind. This is an important aspect of vacuum cleaner maintenance.

Learn more about what causes a vacuum cleaner to smell burnt.

7. Take your vacuum to the store.

If you notice any problem with your vacuum cleaner which you cannot find the source, then you take it to your nearest vacuum service shop.

They will be able to find the source of your problem and fix your vacuum quickly. There you can make your vacuum cleaner usable again for very little cost.

Checklist For Vacuum Cleaner Safety

Listed below are some safety tips that you must follow while using a vacuum cleaner.

Checklist For Vacuum Cleaner Safety
Checklist For Vacuum Cleaner Safety
  • After cleaning, unplug the vacuum cleaner to prevent many accidents
  •  Sometimes wet floors need to be cleaned afterward. Again many times, dry floor
  • cleaning is required. Use the right vacuum cleaner at the right time; otherwise, motor and cord damage can occur.
  •  Avoid cleaning any toxic or flammable materials with a vacuum cleaner that could cause a fire.
  •  Always try to store the vacuum cleaner in a cool and dry place.

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Why Are Vacuum Cleaners So Loud?

Vacuum cleaners make loud noises for various reasons; among them, some of the common reasons are that the suction that occurs during the operation of the vacuum cleaner results in high-speed air movement, and noise is generated from here. 

Why Are Vacuum Cleaners So Loud
Why Are Vacuum Cleaners So Loud?

Again, the size and speed of the motor affect the noise. When the vacuum cleaner has a large amount of dirt, it obstructs the airflow, making it even more noisy.

Although vacuum companies use various materials to reduce noise, it is impossible to eliminate all noise.

Vacuum cleaner maintenance is very important. If it is not checked properly it can lead to several other problems. It may even cause an electric shock. Find out what could be the reason for this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a vacuum be serviced?

How often a vacuum cleaner should be serviced depends on how much it is used and how it is used. Generally, service is required once in 12 to 15 months.

But if any problem is observed, like a burning smell or loud noise, then it should be serviced.

What is the average life of a vacuum?

A vacuum cleaner will usually provide good service for ten years if used with care and if it is a good reputable company vacuum cleaner. However, this time is more or less depending on the type of use and the brand.

Last few words

I have tried to discuss the entire vacuum cleaner maintenance issues point by point so that you can easily understand the entire issue without any video tutorial.

Try to use the vacuum cleaner properly following the discussed points. It is important in our home, so everyone should be careful while using it. 

You can find all the information and queries about vacuum cleaners on the Easy Clean blog.


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