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A vacuum cleaner is an important cleaning tool for every home. There is no alternative to this device to keep our living spaces clean. I may have discussed some of the advantages of vacuum cleaners in previous blog posts.

The advantages are that it reduces our daily tasks as well as saves us time and effort. But today, I am going to talk about one of the annoying aspects of vacuum cleaners, which is the loud noises that come out of vacuum cleaners.

This loud noise causes headaches and irritation to many of us. But did you ever wonder Why are vacuums so loud?

I will help you to know the reason behind this loud sound. Also, explore the reasons behind vacuum cleaner decibel levels.

Why is My Vacuum Making a Loud Noise?

If you have ever used a vacuum cleaner, you probably know that it makes a noise. However, it is normal that any type of motorized device produces some noise.

But if this noise is of abnormal magnitude, it becomes quite annoying for us. I have mentioned below several reasons why are vacuums so loud.

Why is my vacuum making a loud noise
Why is my vacuum making a loud noise?

1. Clogged or dirty filters

A common cause of loud noises from vacuum cleaners is that the filter is dirty or clogged with dirt. Over time, dust and other types of debris accumulate in the filter and reduce airflow.

As a result, the air movement is disturbed and creates a loud sound. To solve this problem, the filter should be cleaned according to the rules. Many people want to know, Can You Use a Vacuum Cleaner Without Filter?

2. Blockage brush roll

Another cause of loud noises from vacuum cleaners is the brush roll becoming clogged. Brush rolls can become blocked due to tangles of hair or threads and various types of debris. Then the brush roll cannot rotate properly and makes a loud noise.

3. Worn or damaged belt

A vacuum cleaner has a belt inside that connects the motor to the brush roll. If this belt is damaged for any reason, it is unable to function properly and may make a loud noise. If any unusual problems are noticed, it is better to change the bell.

4. Loose or damaged components

A vacuum cleaner has a variety of small tools or components inside that help create the cleaning job and suction power.

Sometimes these small or tiny components get damaged or loose due to various reasons then it produces a loud noise, such as any type of screw or hinge.

5. Motor issues

Another reason for the sound of high sound from the vacuum cleaner is the problem with the motor.

Usually, the simple sound of the vacuum cleaner is due to the motor. And if, for some reason, the motor is damaged, the sound levels increase further.

If the vacuum cleaner motor does not work immediately or if you notice a problem, here are some tips to do.

Why is My Bissell Vacuum So Loud?

I will mainly discuss Why are vacuums so loud? But one such question I got separately from one is that what is the reason behind the high noise of the shop vacuum?

I have mentioned earlier that the vacuum cleaner produces high words because of the common problems. However, there are some vacuum clears since making more noise.

However, the Bissell vacuum cleaner does not make too many words. In this case, there are several reasons from the Bissell Company, such as the height of your vacuum cleaner is not normal, your hose pipe stopping for any reason, and if the filter is dirt.

Bissell vacuum loud motor noise

Another reason for the upper word from the bissell carpet cleaner is to emit the sound from the motor. Usually, the amount of sound is a little higher because of using motor with a very strong and high suction capacity.

Shark Cordless Pet Stick Vacuum Making Loud Noise

Vacuum cleaners contain a hose or nozzle. Normally the Normal Vacuum Cleaner comes out of the sound of this hose or filter.

Circle cordless vacuums are made small in size, which is why their filter is trapped quickly by dirt. If that is the case, then the problem will be solved if you are cleaned by the rules.

If you do not get the solution, talk to the company’s support team.

Why is My Shop Vac So Loud?

The shop vacuum cleaner is a bit different from the ordinary vacation cleaner. So the variations of the words may have a slight change.

Since shop vacuums are created to fulfill major duties, they are different from home vacuum cleaners.

I am referring to several reasons below that because of the reasons the high sound is emitted from the shop vacuum.

  • Motor Power
  • Poor Insulation
  • Loose or Worn Parts
  • Clogged Filters
  • Fan Design
  • Vibration

How Many Decibels is a Vacuum Cleaner?

The sound level of a vacuum cleaner is widely changed depending on the model and the brand. Generally, the noise layer that is created by the vacuum cleaner can be from 50 to 85 decibels (DB).

What to Do to Reduce the Noise of Vacuum Cleaner?

Several work can be done to get rid of the sound of the vacuum cleaner. First, when buying a vacuum cleaner, prefer a model that produces a little less noise. There are several models that are associated with some rubber attachments, resulting in lowering noise.

Adherence to some more things will relieve annoying noise. For example, regular vacuum cleaner maintenance. This is the most effective, and try to vacuum during the day; then the sound will be less.

Last Few Words

My topic of discussion today was Why are vacuums so loud. There are several reasons that I have researched myself and combined some of my knowledge gained in the cleaning industry to try to give a comprehensive idea.

It is possible to get rid of this problem if you follow the solutions given. And above all, if well maintained, vacuum cleaners provide better service and less noise.


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