Why Does My Vacuum Shock Me? । Unraveling the Shocking Truth

A vacuum cleaner is an essential appliance in almost every household in today’s world. In our daily life, we need to clean our floors every day to protect the home environment and health. And we use vacuum cleaners to make this task easier. 

In some cases, it happens that many people face various problems while using the vacuum cleaner. A major problem in this is experiencing electric shocks. 

Many homeowners report that they experience electric shocks while using vacuum cleaners which is very unfortunate. 

Why does my vacuum shock me? With Easy Clean Block today, I will try to answer the question of this problem and its long-term solution so that you can do the cleaning job safely and comfortably.

Why is My Vacuum Shocking Me?

Electric shocks to vacuum cleaners can cause serious damage if you’re not careful. You may experience an electric shock from a vacuum cleaner for several reasons. Below are the reasons serially.

Static Electricity

While vacuuming, the bristles of the vacuum cleaner’s brush rub against the carpet fabric, which can cause overheating and electrical shock. 

Failure to observe this may cause serious accidents or even cause you to be thrown or catch fire. It basically generates static electricity, which generates a good amount of energy.

Poor Grounding

Poor grounding or no grounding is another cause of electric shock in any electrical device. If there is no grounding, a small amount of electricity is generated. f you ground it , electricity can go to the ground. 

But if there is no grounding in your electric line, the small amount of electricity cannot return to the ground.

And your device deposits the metal parts. It is not a good thing from which you can feel an electric shock.

Damaged Power Cord

Another thing to remember to prevent electrocution is that your vacuum cleaner’s electrical cord is in good condition. 

Because after a long time of use, the electric cord gets damaged and the inner copper comes out. As a result, if you carelessly put your hand there, you can get a large electric shock, so you have to pay close attention to the matter.

Wet Vacuuming

Another problem in preventing the electric shock of the vacuum cleaner is that the vacuum cleaner is wet. We often have to use water for cleaning. However, it should be noted that water cannot enter inside the vacuum cleaner, or excessive water is not used. 

This can cause the vacuum cleaner to short-circuit and conduct electricity or cause a fire. We all know that water is a conductor of electricity, so we must be careful when cleaning with water.

How to Prevent Static Shock from Vacuum?

Use a grounded outlet.

Ensure the grounding you use on your vacuum cleaner plug is correct or working properly. If you think you have an improper ground or electrical fault, you should have it checked by an electrician.

Use a surge protector.

Consider using a surge protector when connecting the plug to the grounding because the surge protector protects the vacuum from power surges that prevent electricity from flowing through the body of the vacuum.

Replace damaged cords

If you inadvertently notice that your vacuum cleaner’s PowerPoint has been damaged in any way or is in danger of being damaged, replace it immediately. Because this cord connects the entire electrical power to the vacuum cleaner, a shock from here can cause severe damage.

Wear shoes

We know that water is a conductor of electricity and water is most commonly used for cleaning purposes. Therefore, we should also consider the issue of electric shock.

In this case, the simple solution is to use plastic shoes because plastic shoes do not conduct electricity. If you wear shoes that are a little bigger, water can’t get inside.

In this case, the possibility of saving from electric shock is very high. So use a plastic shoe during cleaning work.

Use an antistatic spray.

You can use an antistatic spray to prevent static electric shock. Which prevents the build-up of electricity and thereby helps prevent possible electric shock.

Is this a common problem?

You may not believe how serious this problem is now. People experience this problem in homes where they use very old vacuum cleaners. And because this problem is so serious, every day many people are trying to find online why does my vacuum shock me?

However, this problem is more or less common in all vacuum cleaners, whether it is expensive or less expensive. In some cases, rubber wheels are safer than plastic wheels.

How Do I Get Rid of Static in My Vacuum?

If you want to get rid of static electricity in your vacuum cleaner, there are some important tips that you can follow to solve the problem very easily. Below are the tips.

Use an Antistatic Vacuum Hose

One of the easiest solutions is to use an antistatic vacuum hose. Although it is a bit expensive, if you use a vacuum cleaner daily, then you must use it.

Use an Antistatic Spray

Another alternative solution is to use antistatic spray on the socks of the vacuum hose. This antistatic spray contains some chemicals that help reduce static electricity. But keep in mind that it must be dry before use.

Use a Humidifier

Furthermore, you can try using a humidifier in the room where you use your vacuum. Moist air helps reduce static electricity, which can be a viable solution.

To get rid of more such problems, it is important to know some things before buying a vacuum cleaner.

Learn more about what is humidifier?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is getting shocked by a vacuum dangerous? 

If your room is poorly ventilated or full of humidity, your vacuum cleaner generates a small amount of static electricity that may not cause much damage or damage the vacuum cleaner at all. 

However, if there is such a problem due to a mechanical fault that the vacuum cleaner body or power cord is damaged, then the level of damage is likely to be higher.

  • Can a faulty vacuum cause stronger electric shocks? 

If your vacuum cleaner causes a mechanical fault, the electrical energy generated by it will give you a good electrical sensation. From which you can fall away.

Last few words

Vacuum cleaners play a very big role in the protection and cleanliness of our health and environment. So in our daily life, we should always be cautious and cautious in using it. 

Since it is an electric device, it can cause many types of mechanical errors and problems, so we need to know them and find simple solutions.

Moreover, I have shared my real-life experience to try to solve the question why does my vacuum shock me.


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